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Container Networking Configuration
Sunday, 27/12/15 - 0 comment(s)
    In our previous tutorials, we talked about introduction to docker containers, docker installation, running our first container, pulling images, creating images etc. But we haven't talked about how docker does networking. Its really important to understand the networking part of docker, as the primary use case of Docker is to... + continue reading
High Availability And Load Balancing
Sunday, 25/10/15 - 1 comment(s)
With the increasing growth of internet users, the volume of traffic that web based companies deal with has increased dramatically. There are different solutions to cope up with this increasing traffic. One solution is to scale your servers vertically(ie: Simply add more CPU and Memory Resources to your server.), which of course cannot be done... + continue reading
Dockerfile instructions for image
Monday, 20/04/15 - 0 comment(s)
As I mentioned in my earlier tutorials, Docker images are the source code for our containers. Images are the main building block of a container. In this tutorial we will learn about building our own Docker Images.Before going ahead with this tutorial, if you are new to Docker, I recommend reading all of the below posts. Read: Hypervisor vs... + continue reading
Amazing Linux Facts
Sunday, 14/12/14 - 0 comment(s)
GNU/Linux, inspired from UNIX, has become the most widely adopted server operating systems out there. Adopters of Linux includes tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon, and the list goes on and on.. The adoption rate of Linux in Desktop market cannot be calculated accurately, because, unlike proprietary software, the sources... + continue reading

Security Related

Methods to secure apache web server
7 today
Monday, 12/05/14 - 1 comment(s)
Apache and Nginx together contribute to at least 80 percent of the websites running on the entire internet. If you are a customer of a hosting service provider or a company, then also you are using... + continue reading
Stop Referrer Spam
9 today
Sunday, 23/03/14 - 2 comment(s)
Internet is a very beautiful place to learn new things and gain information. As it has to provide information and access to anybody from anywhere in the globe, there was no other option, than to keep... + continue reading
SSL open VPN
13 today
Tuesday, 17/12/13 - 0 comment(s)
Virtual Private Network is a norm these days in any architecture, where you enable access to your internal network to authorized employees and other associates. In this tutorial we will be discussing... + continue reading

Networking Related

Segments, Packets & Frames
4 today
Saturday, 03/06/17 - 1 comment(s)
The terms “Segment”, “Packet”, “Datagram”, “Frames” etc are so much used and reused in different books and articles to convey different meanings, that it has now become totally confusing. Especially... + continue reading
TCP & UDP Checksum
8 today
Friday, 02/06/17 - 0 comment(s)
When you send and receive data over the wire, there are possibilities where the data can get corrupted, altered, or modified(it can be accidental, purposely done with evil intention). Whatever may be... + continue reading
6 today
Thursday, 01/06/17 - 0 comment(s)
IETF(Internet Engineering Task Force) is a community of engineers and computer scientists, who work towards bringing different new internet technologies, standards and specifications. A RFC is a... + continue reading

Technical News

Multipath TCP
0 today
Monday, 28/10/13 - 7 comment(s)
Every day we read some or the other technical stuff online that we feel like will be a boom in the coming days. Most of the times the stuff we stumble upon will only be a modified version of an... + continue reading
HTTP Protocol Version 2
1 today
Wednesday, 31/07/13 - 0 comment(s)
Knowingly or unknowingly each and every one of us are using one or the other communication protocol in our day to day lives. It takes a lot of hard work to design a protocol that fulfils our... + continue reading
ubuntu inside windows
5 today
Wednesday, 28/11/12 - 0 comment(s)
Recently one of our Facebook friend asked us about a way to install Linux inside windows like an application. People who are very much used to windows for their day to day usage are a bit hesitant... + continue reading