Our Privacy Policy

Slashroot.in is a technical blog platform for open source tutorials, projects, documents, howtos, custom made documentations and lot more.

We do not ask for registration with us except for if you want to post a forum topic on our web site(So that you can get your forum topic query answered by our site members or administrators.)

The only thing that we collect during registration with us is the users Mail address and a username for logging into our website.


What do we use your personal Information like E-mail address for?

The information that we collect from you(like email address) can be used in any one of the following ways:

  • To respond to a user with respect to his individual needs
  • To keep track of our regular visitors and give more attention to their queries and doubts


Do we share your Information with anybody?

No.Not at all. Your information,no matter whether its public or private will not be transferred, exchanged or sold with any other entity for any reason whatsoever, without your consent.


What about Other third Party Links?

Occasionally on some of our contents, we may provide, reference to some other websites. They have their own and independent privacy policy. So slashroot.in is not responsible for any content and activities on those sites.


Do we use cookies?

Slashroot.in may use cookies, depending upon the content features offered. Cookies can be used to track no of unique visitors to the site,browser details etc. In general cookies do not collect personal information. However if you have provided such information earlier, cookies can be tied to that information.


How do we make use of our server logs?

like many other websites slashroot.in makes use of web server logs, to collect data regarding visitors IP,geographical location,browser details,domain etc.


How to get more information about our privacy policy?

If you want to get more information you can mail us at slashmaster@slashroot.in or fill our contact form with your query.