Intel Clover Trail atom Do not Support Linux

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There is some bad news for linux fans out there...

Intel reportedly claimed at IDF that Clover Trail-based Atom processors "cannot" handle Linux properly.

This is the forthcoming chip of intel atom

Clover Trail, is a low-power Atom processor that's intended specifically for use in tablets.

The company said that Clover Trail will be "a Windows 8 chip.Intel didnt gave any explanation for this step.

tablet category is dominated by Linux-based Android and Unix-based iOS. Intel is trying to invest its interest in that tablet catogory with microsoft.

Taking into consideration the modification happening in the linux kernal, kernel developers might consider this in mind for future releases.

Clover Trail is Intel’s effort to provide a full Windows 8 experience.For Intel worked closely with Microsoft to instrument the chip to allow Windows 8 to control Clover Trail's advanced power management features

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